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In a few words

Online subscription platform for children’s toys


Toyswap is an online lending library for kids toys.  Built in collaboration with child development experts, Toyswap provides parents with an affordable and sustainable way to order delightful and developmentally appropriate toys for their children.  Our goal was to give children the optimal ground for developing independence, curiosity, language, motor skills and most of all -- the confidence that their parents are attentive to their needs.

My role

As co-founder of Toyswap, I created the branding, tone and messaging of the company, developed an initial client base of 100 families through digital outreach and in-person relationships while building and maintaining our online platform and ordering system.  

I recognized that shared economy (i.e. used toys) were not appealing to an Israeli audience in 2017.  In crafting the branding and messaging, it was important to focus on the quality and variety of toys available at such a low price.  

· Business development

· Business Roadmap

· Branding

· UX / UI

· Marketing

· Membership management

· Video editing & social media content creation

Brand guidelines

In crafting the design guidelines for a monthly subscription platform, I identified the point of delivery as a moment around which to build our branding.  This moment is filled with anticipation and curiosity for the children receiving toys.

To highlight this moment, I built out a narrative in our commercial and web content in which the delivery man is flying an airplane on an important mission to deliver these toys.   This narrative, along with a playful, illustrative language of primary colors and "jumpy" typography formed the basis for Toyswap's branding.



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