Solidus Labs –

Product & Lead Designer

In one line

Crypto-Surveillance, Wallstreet NY


Crypto-native market surveillance & transaction monitoring tailored for digital assets – Solidus’ compliance cloud offers a fully-customizable dashboard for comprehensive alert management, investigation, and reporting.

My role

Clarity, Efficiency, Consistency, Beauty. As a lead designer in a Fintech company, I sought creative ways to communicate complex concepts related to Solidus' machine-learning powered market surveillance tool.  Keeping in mind that data-analytics is primarily a way to ask questions, not a way to illustrate a conclusion, Solidus' dashboard invites the viewer to drill down and seek ever more focused and useful information.

As part of an early stage startup, my role overlapped with that of a product manager.  I reported directly to the CTO and wrote technical requirements documents for both front-end and back-end engineering teams.  Following the Agile software development methodology, I led and managed our Jira board to achieve team alignment and move our product forward.

· Information architecture

· UX & UI Design

· Designing user flows using Google material design principles

· Information analysis

· R&D

· Writing technical requirements

Design guidelines

We have witnessed a much-welcomed trend towards experience-focused design within industries that traditionally weren't practicing design-thinking methods (such as MailChimp, DropBox, and Venmo).  Yet the world of compliance and regulation is still behind.  By choosing Solidus' yellow (#FFCD26), I hoped to illuminate Wall Street with a yellow beam of shining light.  


Product grid & layout

DACOM Summit

Solidus initiated DACOM - the Digital Asset Compliance and Market Integrity Summit - as a way to position themselves at the front line of an emerging industry.    Understanding that this summit was to be held annually, my goals in crafting the design guidelines were to present an approach which would be consistent with Solidus' brand but provide a unique personality from year to year.  

Summit design

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